ANN KATHY - Clear skin pillow mist

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For quick and exceptional results with various skin issues, from redness and eczema to impurities and acne, this is your ideal solution. This spray is suitable for use on your pillowcase, headband, or T-shirt and is not applied directly to the skin; it is entirely odorless. Once the active ingredients come into contact with the skin, they get to work while you sleep. Becoming beautiful in your sleep becomes a reality!

This is a super innovative product with amazing results. And how easy— it doesn't take any extra time, and there's nothing on your face to get used to.

Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Spray twice a week on clean textiles that come into contact with the skin during the night. Change this textile every two days and spray again (note: always spray an hour before bedtime so that the textile is dry). For the best results against impurities, we recommend cleansing your skin twice a day with Clear Skin Wash and using Clear Skin Emulsion 24H during the day in addition to using the spray.