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During the first two days after using the pillow spray, my skin was very soft and seemed calmer. Around day 3, it all started to surface. Now, it's much calmer, and the impurities are fading. I haven't had any new inflammations in the past few days.


I have now been using the Clear Skin Wash, Clear Skin Pillow Mist, and Clear Skin Emulsion 24H for almost two weeks. In the morning, I first use the Clear Skin Wash and then the Clear Skin Emulsion. In the evening, I use the Clear Skin Wash and the Pillow Mist. The products feel very nice on my skin. In the first few days, I noticed that my skin became slightly more unsettled than usual. The Ann Kathy team had also mentioned that a kind of detox phase would occur, where waste would essentially come out of the skin. After these initial restless days, I did notice that my skin truly became calmer. It is less red now, the number of pimples has decreased, and I also notice that my skin is less oily at the end of the day. Especially with the application of different creams, it always felt like I had some kind of mask on my face that would slide/melt off as the day went on. I don't have this feeling at all with the Clear Skin Emulsion, Ann Kathy's cream. It quickly absorbs into the skin and doesn't feel like you've applied anything. I find this very pleasant. Overall, my skin is now calmer and feels softer. I'm really pleased with the products.


It's been almost two weeks since I started using it. Every morning and evening, I now cleanse my face with these products, and I have to say that I really find them to be fantastic products. In the first week, I used the Clear Skin Wash in the morning and the Gentle Cleansing Balm in the evening. Then, I applied the Gentle Face Cream to my face and went to sleep with the Pillow Spray. The Ann Kathy team had already mentioned that it's possible for your skin to experience a breakout in the beginning because it's being "detoxed." To my surprise, that didn't happen in the first few days, so I thought to myself, "How nice, maybe the products I used before weren't so bad after all." But after about a week, I suddenly started getting pimples on my cheeks, a few on my forehead, and even some blackheads on my chin. This caused doubt, and I decided to reach out. Fortunately, I received the advice to cleanse both morning and evening with the Clear Skin Wash, then use the Pillow Spray and/or apply the Clear Skin Emulsion. I followed this advice, and now, a few days later, I see that the impurities are starting to fade. Normally, after my pimples disappear, there are still red or purple spots for a while, but even those are almost completely fading. I'm super curious about how my skin will continue to react in the coming period, especially during hormonal fluctuations and hay fever season. But one thing I know for sure: I'm incredibly happy with AnnKathy's products. They are so pleasant to use, and I really notice that they take good care of my skin. My friend even said he saw a glow


I mostly use the Clear Skin Face Wash and the Gentle Face 24H Cream. The first two days after the Pillow Spray, my skin was very soft, and it seemed calmer. Around day 3, it all started to surface. Now, it's much calmer, and the impurities are fading. I haven't had any new inflammations in the past few days. It works very well when I leave the Clear Skin Face Wash on my face, making the impurities go away even faster. I also notice that my cheeks are much softer, and my forehead is getting smoother. I had a few impurities on my back as well, while my back used to be completely smooth and even. I think these came out because of the Pillow Spray, but in the meantime, my back is also very smooth again. I didn't wear much makeup already, usually just a powder to reduce shine, but I haven't used that for a week now. It also feels like my skin is very clean, a very nice feeling! If it continues like the past few days, I truly believe that my skin will be completely smooth and even without impurities in a while! 😇


About a year ago, I started with ANN KATHY. I have since become a tester and have all its products. We also had an ANN KATHY EVENT with all the girls, and that was really enjoyable. During this event, we also received detailed explanations about the products. Before I started with ANN KATHY, I used various brands for my skin. My skin was not in good condition, and I had no fixed skincare routine. Once I started with ANN KATHY, I noticed that my skin initially worsened. They had warned me about this because all the "junk" from bad skincare products was coming out. I can still remember going back because I thought it just wasn't good for my skin. But they helped me again and explained. They are so polite and incredibly helpful. After 2 to 3 weeks, I began to see significant improvement in my skin. It became much calmer and felt much more comfortable. My favorite product so far is the balm. It is easy to apply, restores the skin's moisture balance, can be applied directly to dry skin, and is easy to use. Sometimes I use it as a mask and leave it on for a bit longer. You can easily remove it with a warm cloth!