For the different parts of our skin to function properly, including our skin cells, each cell must know what to do. We call this; Cell communication, and this happens 24-7 through the body and skin. The different cells tell each other how and what to do and the cells relay that information to the other cells. We can use our various cell-communicating ingredients to help the cells on their way so they know what to do: skin repair. With these powerful cell-communicating actives, we offer immediate results!


Are very important active ingredients in cosmetics. They are "free radical scavengers," which means they can neutralize harmful substances from the air, bacteria and UV radiation. Something that keeps your skin optimally healthy. Ann Kathy contains the best protectors for your skin!


These substances ensure that bad skin bacteria and sebum do not get the upper hand on the skin. Sebum is even dissolved into the pore so that pimples and blackheads have much less chance. We also work against too much yeast, so yeast pimples have no place at Ann Kathy. Thanks to these substances, the skin can keep itself in the best condition for you.


Our skin is covered with a layer of skin bacteria and microorganisms. In each person, this composition of organisms is unique, like a fingerprint. This layer of bacteria, also called microbiome, protects the skin from diseases and ailments, such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. There are both bad and good bacteria in this layer of bacteria. When there is a proper ratio of good and bad bacteria, the skin functions properly. All skin problems that occur have a cause or are associated with an imbalance in the microbiome. Among other things, harsh cleansing products can upset the balance by killing the good bacteria. Also after illness (chemo, radiation and antibiotics), it is common for the skin flora to be disturbed and skin complaints such as dryness, scaling, itching and irritation occur.